Greetings! Welcome to my art site. Click on the links above to see and purchase my paintings. I'm a musician, writer and artist so I've   started doing paintings of traditional songs in my "The Bluegrass Series." My new bluegrass paintings Train on an Island, Salty Dog, Cripple Creek and Pretty Polly are now available. I also just finished my Driftwood Series painting, Mona Lisa and Abraham Lincoln: A House Divided (see New Paintings). There are some pics on my blog of both.

I have two paintings at the Kentucky Hall-Of-Fame Museum and now one at The Oquawka Museum in Illinois. Recently I
 finished Banks of the Ohio and then did John Henry this summer. My last paintings were Pretty Little Widder and I just finished Kentucky Dance. I plan to start some new paintings including John Hardy soon.

Banjo Pickin' Girl by Richard L. Matteson Jr. C 2008

My other new series is the "Driftwood Series" which uses the natural forms of wood to create new images sometimes using negative space. 

Hope you enjoy my work. Check out my blog to find out new projects, events, shows, influences and different artists. My artist page features Rene Magritte. I'll add a new artist later this year.


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