Train on the Island

Train on the Island $40.00

Train on The Island: Original is 30” by 40” Acrylic on canvas. C 2008.

Train on the Island is an old-time/bluegrass banjo and fiddle tune originally found in North Carolina, Virginia and Tenessee. The first recording was a field recording made in a make-shift studio in Bristol, Tenessee by Ralph Peer for Victor records during the famous 1927 Bristol Sessions (Victor 21070) on August 1, 1927 of J.P. Nestor (J. Preston Nestor, banjo) and Norman Edmonds, fiddle.

John Preston Nester (J.P. Nestor) featured playing the banjo in the train smoke was born Nov. 26 1876 Hillsville in Carroll County Virginia (died in 1967). Norman Edmonds featured playing the fiddle in the bush on the right was born Feb. 9, 1899 in Wythe County, Virginia (died in 1976). Both men played together many year before the recording session.


Train On The Island (Painting Lyrics)

Train on the island, hear the whistle blow,
Go and tell my true love, I'm sick and I can't go.

Train on the island, heading to the west,
Me and my gal we fell out, perhaps its for the best.

Train on the island, listen to it squeel,
Go and tell my true love, how lonesome I do feel.

Bring me a drink of water, bring it in a cup,
Me and my gal we fell out, we ain't makin' up.

Train on the island, Hear the whistle blow
Go and tell my true love, it's as far as I can go.

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