Darlin' Corey

Darlin' Corey $40.00

Darlin’ Corey 30" by 40" Acrylic on canvas. C 2008. Reproductions 12" by 16" are done on high quality photopaper with foamcore backing- Ready to hang!

The song Darlin’ Corey has been recorded by most of the top bluegrass pickers and was a crossover hit for Bruce Hornsby. The song is similar in form and chord structure to Little Maggie though they are distinctly different songs. In some versions some of the lyrics have floated between the songs.

The painting is a series of four scenes:

1) Darlin’ Corey sitting by the sea with a forty-four around her body and a banjo on her knee.

2) Darlin’ Corey sleeping after drinking too much corn liquor. A possum tries to wake her and warn her the revenuers are coming.

3) Two revenuers spot Darlin’ Corey’s still.

4) A man digs a hole in the meadow (her grave) to lay Darlin’ Corey down. A bluebird sings on an overhead branch.

  Darlin’ Corey Lyrics

Wake up wake up darlin' Corey,
What makes you sleep so sound?
The revenue officers are coming,
They're gonna tear your still-house down.

Well the first time I seen Darlin' Corey,
She was sitting on the banks of the sea.
Had a forty-four around her body,
And a banjo on her knee.

Go away go away Darlin' Corey
Quit hanging around my bed.
Your liquor has ruined my body,
Pretty women gone to my head.

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow,
Dig a hole in the cold, cold ground.
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow,
Gonna lay Darlin' Corey down.

Can't you hear those bluebirds a-singing,
Don't you hear that mournful sound.
They're preaching Darlin' Corey's funeral
In some lonesome graveyard ground.


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