Little Maggie

Little Maggie $40.00

Little Maggie: Acrylic on canvas C 2009. 30" by 40"
Reproduction is 12" by 16" on foamcore backing, ready to hang

“Little Maggie” is part of the “Darling Corey” family of “white blues” songs that include “Country Blues/Husling Gamblers” which were found in the Appalachian region in the late 1800’s.

The painting is set at night featuring: 1) Little Maggie with a dram glass in her hand. She is standing on a deck, courtin' an unseen man.
2) The stars in the sky form Little Maggie's face and eyes (stars), quoting this verse: "How can I ever stand it? For to see those two blue eyes, They're shinin' like the diamonds, Like the diamonds in the skies."
3) Her lover (singer of the song) is "marching down to the station."
4) The lyrics are bottom center right:

Little Maggie

Oh yonder stands little Maggie,
With a dram glass in her hand.
She's passing away her troubles,
And a-courting some other man.

How can I ever stand it?
For to see those two blue eyes,
They're shining just like diamonds
Like the diamonds in the skies.

Now march me down to the station,
With my suitcase in my hand.
I’m going away for to leave you, little girl,
I’m going to some far distant land.

Pretty flowers were made for blooming
Pretty stars was made for to shine
Pretty girls were made for loving
Little Maggie was made for mine.

Go away, go away little Maggie
Go and do the best you can.
I’ll get me another woman;
You can get you another man.

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