Froggie Went Courtin'


Froggie Went A-Courtin’ originally 48” by 60” Acrylic on canvas. C 2006.
Reproduction aprox. 12' by 16" on high quality photopaper with foamcore backing

Froggie is one of the oldest and most popular songs and includes many variations. The song first appears in 1549 Wedderburn's "Complaynt of Scotland."

Froggie Went A-Courtin’ has the most scenes and verses of my Bluegrass paintings. There are also impossible objects like the impossible stairs Froggy and his horse are doomed to climb (on far left of canvas. There is also one additional scene of the princess kissing the frog (hidden in the rocks and bush- lower center) and a surreal depiction of Froggy riding hidden behind the trees (ala Rene Magritte).

As the painting begins Froggie rides out of the lyrics (which is a painting in itself) along the path, meets Miss Mousie, proposes to Miss Mousie, gets Mister Rat’s blessing, then rides the path into the sky where the wedding takes place in a big pine tree.

The path is really a snake and it's about to swallow poor froggy in the center (in the negative space.)


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