Coquinas: Family Donacidae

Family Donacidae

This family of wedge shells fatures the coquina shells of which I have two types: the small coqinas and the giant coquinas. The coquina shells are related to the tellins.

Two Giant Coquinas vfrom my collection (S. Hutchinson Island 2020)

The Donacidae, the "bean clams" or "wedge shells", are a family of bivalve molluscs of the superfamily Tellinoidea. The family is related to the Tellina. The Donacidae are prolific filter feeders and are an important part of coastal food chains where they occur. The family is sensitive to coastal industry such as dam-building and dredging.

Coquinas: Family Donacidae

Family Donacidae
Donax variabilis
Say, 1822
Variable Coquina

Shell size to 20 mm; shell wedge-shaped or trigonal. Sculpture of delicate concentric growth lines, and radial striations that become stronger toward posterior end of shell. Ligament external. Margins crenulated. Color white, yellow, bluish, purple, mauve, pink with rays of darker tones. Intertidal on sandy beaches.

Family: Donacidae (Donax, Coquina Clams)

Family: Donacidae (Donax, Coquina Clams) Description. This is an prolific filter feeder, that provides an important link in coastal food chains, including sea birds and people. It is an indicator species for the status of sandy beach-ocean front habitats. As such, the clam's population is drastically reduced by dam building, dredging, erosion control, and conventional beach remediation practices.

Fileclams: Family Limidae

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Limidae species.JPG
Ctenoides ales
Scientific classification e
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Mollusca
Class:     Bivalvia
Subclass:     Pteriomorphia
Order:     Limida
Moore, 1952
Superfamily:     Limoidea
Rafinesque, 1815
Family:     Limidae
Rafinesque, 1815

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    Acesta H. and A. Adams, 1858
    †Antiquilima Cox, 1943
    Ctenoides Mörch, 1853
    †Ctenostreon Eichwald, 1862
    †Dimorphoconcha Wasmer & Hautmann, 2012
    Divarilima Powell, 1958
    Escalima Iredale, 1929
    Lima Bruguière, 1789
    Limaria Link, 1807
    Limatula S. V. Wood, 1839
    Limea Bronn, 1831
    Mantellina Sacco, 1904
    †Plagiostoma J. Sowerby, 1814
    †Pseudolimea Arkell, 1933


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