Venus and Quahog Shells: Family Veneridae

Venus and Quahog Shells: Family Veneridae

The large Veneridae family of shells includes the various "Venus" shells, Dosinia shells and Quahog shells (large chalky type clams). I have Imperial Venus shells, Lady-in-Waiting Venus (ridged Clam), Cross-Hatched Venus, Lightning Pitar as well as many large Chalky clam shells (Quahogs).

The lady-in-waiting Venus (commonly called "Ridged Clam") shells are fairly common on S. Hutchinson Island beaches. Other shells from the Veneridae Family are also easily found including Southern Quahops (large chalky clams) and Lightning Pitars.

Below are the white shells with brown V-patterns. I have around 60 patterned shells

Lady-in-waiting Venus (Ridged Clam) shells found on S. Hutchinson Island 2020

Below is a Lady-in-Waiting shell with an interlocking pattern: