Types of Shells


These are the types of shells from my collection that we have found in Florida mainly on the East Coast on South Hutchinson Island in Jensen Beach, Florida. This includes some rocks and plant vegetation. This black and white map (below) shows teh Fort Pierce inlet to the St Lucie inlet the area of S. Hutchinson Island -- the area of the collection:

This map (below) shows an area which is south of S. Hutchinson Island which is down to the Jupiter inlet:

The area of S. Hutchinson Island is between The Fort Pierce inlet and the St. Lucie inlet and includes the beaches from Fort Piece Inlet all the way south to Bathtub beach, a distance of about 30 miles. I collect shells on several beaches including my beach which is loccated about a mile north of the Jensen Beach Causeway.

The various types of shells are attached to this page by shell families under the common names. The types of shells are randomly presented rather than in alphabetical order.

My shell journey started in the fall of 2020 and by January 2021 I had amassed an estimated 10,000 shells. Now I'm beginning to sort them out with the help of Dr. Harry G. Lee of Jacksonville Florida, a leading shell researcher annd collector who I correspond by email daily.

Ark Shells: Family Arcidae

    Incongruous Ark
    Turkey Wing (Zebra Ark)
    Mossy Ark
    Ponderous Ark
    Transverse Ark
    Red-Brown Ark
    Cancellate Ark
    Doc Bale's Ark
    Cut-ribbed Ark
    Blood Ark
    White-beard Ark

Bittersweet Clam: Family Glycymerididae

    Giant Atlantic Bittersweet Clam
    Spectral Bittersweet Clam
    Comb Bittersweet

Semeles: Family Semelidae

    Purplish Semele
    Orange Semeles
    White Atlantic Semele
    Tan Semeles
    Cancellate Semeles

Mussels: Family Mytilidae

    Ribbed Mussel (Geukensia demissa)
    American Horse Mussel

Cockle Shells: Family Cardiidae

    Atlantic Giant Cockle
    Yellow Prickly Cockle
    Spiny Paper Cockle
    Florida Prickly Cockle
    Common Egg Cockle

Tritons: Family Cymatiidae
    Hairy Triton

Reticulate Cowrie Helmet: Family Cassidae

Lucines: Family Lucinidae

    Thick Lucine
    Buttercup Lucine
    Tiger Lucine

Venus and Quahog Shells: Family Veneridae

    Imperial Venus Shell
    Lady-In-Waiting Venus Shells (Ridged Clam)
    Southern Quahog
    Cross-Barred Venus
    Lightning Pitar
    False Angel Wings
    Disk Dosinia
    Elegant Dosinia
    Calico Clam
    Pointed Venus

Strigilla, Tellins: Family Tellindae

    Rosy Strigilla
    Giant Coquina
    Lucky Tellin
    Constricted Macoma
    Elongated Macoma
    Rose Petal Tellin

Atlantic Pearl Oyster: Family Pteriidae


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