Ark Shells: Family Arcidae

Ark (clam) Shells

The Ark clam shells are numerous and one of the most common shells on the South Florida East and West coasts. On the beach where I live it is the most common shell. The shell is thick with strong ribs and may be up to about 3" in size. Arks have a straight hinge which has numerous teeth. The common Ark shell types are the Incongruous Ark and Ponderous Ark as well as the well-known "Turkey Wing" and "Mossy Ark" types. The Turkey Wing has a brilliant striped lines and is shaped like a bird wing.

Attached to this page are various types of Ark shells I've found on S. Hutchinson Island, Florida.

    Incongruous Ark
    Turkey Wing (Zebra Ark)
    Mossy Ark
    Ponderous Ark
    Transverse Ark
    Red-Brown Ark
    Doc Bale's Ark
    Cut-ribbed Ark
    Blood Ark
    White-beard Ark
    Cancellate Ark
    Delicate Ark