False Jingle Shell

False Jingle Shell
Pododesmus rudis (Broderip, 1834)
Family Anomiidae

There a number of false Jingle Shells on S. Hutchinson Island. There are also a variety of appearances of different False Jingle shells.

Tow False Jingle Shells from S. Hutchinson Island- December, 2020

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The Atlantic False Jingle

Pododesmus rudis (Broderip, 1834) (family Anomiidae) is very similar to the Common Jingle, Anomia simplex, but can be easily separated from this latter by the rougher-looking valves, with coarser shell surface and the almost complete lack of nacre, the iridescent shell layer known as mother-of-pearl. Common and Atlantic False Jingles and other species in the family Anomiidae attach to hard surfaces (such as large, empty shells) using a peg-like byssus. The byssus passes through the bottom valve through an orifice

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