Antillean Fileclam

The Antillean Fileclam
Limaria pellucida (C.B. Adams, 1848)

The Antillean Fileclam is somewhat rare on S. Hutchinson Island. Below is a version from my collection:

Antillean Fileclam (S. Hutchinson Island 2020)

* * * *

Antillean Fileclam reaches 25 mm (about one inch), has a thin whitish shell, and relatively large, translucent tentacles festooned with white “rings” over their entire length. Sometime during my college years, I photographed the clam above in my home saltwater tank back in Brazil. The species also is found living in the Caribbean, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico, and shells of the Antillean File Clam have been found on Sanibel at least a couple of times!

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