Rose Petal Tellin

Rose Petal Tellin
Eurytellina lineata
(Turton, 1819)
Family Tellinidae

The Rose Petal Tellin is rare on S. Hutchinson Island. Below is one I collected in 2020:

Rose Petal Tellin

* * * *

Shell size to 38 mm; shell compressed, strong, elongate-trigonal. Shell twists to right on posterior end. Surface glossy, slightly opalescent. Sculpture restricted to concentric growth lines. Posterior ridge present but not strong. Ligament sunken, dark-brown. Color white or reddish-pink, often with bands of these colors. In fine sand, most commonly found in the back-bay areas of Southwest Florida. The shell in the supplementary image was collected in December 2012 by Dr. Jim Scatterday, on Bunche Beach, Fort Myers.

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