Cancellate Semeles

Cancellate Semeles
Semele bellastriata (Conrad, 1837)
Family Semelidae


The "Cancellate Semele" has been also named the "Beautiful Semele" on the Bailey-Matthews site. The following shell is a Cancellate Semele found on S. Hutchinson Island in 2021 Note the pink/redish rays extending from the beak:

Cancellate Semele


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Bailey-Matthews reports: Shell size to 20 mm; shell ovate, thin, strong. Sculpture of concentric ridges and radial ribs, stronger anteriorly and posteriorly, giving cancellate aspect to shell surface in these regions. Umbones just slightly posterior. Ligament internal. Color cream or yellowish-white with reddish markings, or grayish-purple. Internally cream, white, or reddish.

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