Purplish Semele

Family Semelidae

There are a variaety of semeles in my collection. The colored Semeles with patterns are usually grouped under Purplish Semeles (Semele purpurascens) Gmelin, 1791. The semeles that are white (off white, white with dark bands, yellow or yellow banded are categorized under the White Atlantic semele also know simply as the Atlantic semele.

Semeles are  thin smooth oval shells with very fine concentric lines which grow to about 1" to 1.5" whose hinges point to the right slightly. The colored variants (Purplish) are identified by a dark color at the umbo and detailed patterns around their edges. The colors are mainly purple and orange. I'm separating the patterned semeles by colors: purple, orange, tan and off-white.

This bi-valve is related to tellins and coquintos. The semele below is translucient purplish with a reddish tint.